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Dizziness & Vertigo Treatment Near Me Rockville, MD

The term “dizziness” is used to describe several different feelings. If you experience dizziness, make sure you report any additional symptoms so one of our providers can determine the cause. In some people, dizziness causes a feeling of faintness or the sensation of vertigo. Other people feel like they are going to lose their balance. Make note of how long your episodes last, as this can help pinpoint the cause of your dizziness.

Structures in your inner ear help you maintain your balance. When there is a change in the activity in these structures, you can experience vertigo. Severe cases of vertigo lead to loss of balance, vomiting, and nausea. In many cases, vertigo is temporary, but it is important to see a provider and find out what is causing the problem. This symptom can be caused by a certain type of migraine, a buildup of fluid in the inner ear, or inflammation of the inner ear. If your dizziness causes a feeling of faintness, it can be caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure. A loss of balance can be caused by muscle problems, inner ear problems, joint problems, neurological conditions, or the use of certain medications.