Urgent Care Near Gaithersburg MD

Urgent Care Near Gaithersburg MD

Physicians Now Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic is a Top Urgent Care Near N Gaithersburg MD Located at 15215 Shady Grove Rd, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850 and Offering Affordable Urgent Care Services! Open Monday-Friday 8a.m.-6p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 9a.m.-5p.m.

Urgent Care Near Gaithersburg MD
Urgent Care Near Gaithersburg MD

Have you ever been to an urgent care center in your community? If so, then you know how nice it is to get on-the-spot, affordable care with no appointment necessary. If not, then you should come over to see us at Physicians Now Urgent Care. We would enjoy meeting you and helping you with any kind of primary healthcare you need, for anything from a basic checkup to minor broken bone casting. For urgent care near Gaithersburg MD, come see us today.

When should you go to an urgent care center?

Urgent care is on-the-spot healthcare, so you can simply walk in for service. This is one of the major benefits of choosing an urgent care center over other options like your primary care physician. Your physician likely won’t be immediately available, so you might have to wait a week or so until you can see him or her.

With urgent care, you won’t have to make an appointment or wait at all. This can be especially convenient and sometimes even necessary during minor emergencies like minor sports injuries or last-minute school physicals. With Physicians Now Urgent Care, you can even get assistance with managing chronic conditions like diabetes, making us an excellent primary care alternative.

Urgent care centers can take care of any kind of minor emergency. Some of these include common infections, mild allergic reactions, flu symptoms, nausea, skin conditions, sore throat, minor cuts that need stitches, insect bites/stings, minor burns, minor sports injuries, and more. With our clinic, you also have access to IV therapy, full physical examinations, travel vaccinations, and even more.

Should I go to the ER or urgent care?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell how serious an emergency is. If you’re not sure whether an emergency is minor or major, then treat it as a major emergency and dial 911 for emergency care.

For minor, non-life-threatening emergencies, urgent care is a better option than the ER (emergency room). If you have a minor emergency and you go to the ER, you’ll have to wait until patients with major emergencies are treated. You should always go to the ER for major, life-threatening emergencies, but you should go to urgent care for minor, non-life-threatening emergencies.

How much does it cost to go to urgent care?

Here’s another benefit of choosing urgent care over the other options for minor emergencies: urgent care is less expensive. Urgent care is always less expensive than going to the ER for a minor emergency, and it can be less expensive than your primary care physician too. Also, most urgent care clinics work with most major insurance providers, so you can expect your visit to be covered by your insurance. For patients without insurance, urgent cares offer affordable self-pay options.

Typically, urgent care clinics charge a flat fee for service, and then additional fees for any additional services. These fees vary, depending on the healthcare provider and the types of services. With Physicians Now Urgent Care, our pricing varies, so if you’d like further information on our pricing and on insurance coverage, you can visit our Fees & Insurance page.

Do you provide urgent care near Gaithersburg MD?

Yes, we do! Our urgent care clinic is located in Rockville, MD at 15215 Shady Grove Road, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850. You can find directions over on our Directions page, and we’re open extended hours and weekends for your convenience. With our clinic, walk-ins are more than welcome, or you can check in online to reserve your spot and skip the wait.

We hope to see you soon here at Physicians Now Urgent Care!

15215 Shady Grove Road,
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