Walk-in Clinic Near Rockville, MD

Walk-in Clinic in Rockville, MD

Physicians Now Urgent Care provides quality walk-in urgent care for children to senior patients of all ages. Call Now to reserve your spot or simply walk-in.

Walk-in Clinic in Rockville, MD
Walk-in Clinic in Rockville, MD

Table of Contents:

How much does it cost for a walk-in clinic?
How much does it cost to go to a walk-in clinic without insurance?
Is a walk-in clinic considered urgent care?
Are appointments offered at a walk-in clinic?

How much does it cost for a walk-in clinic?

Getting sick can be incredibly stressful, inconvenient and if you are uninsured, medical care can be costly.

At Physicians Now Urgent Care in Rockville, MD, we accept most major health insurance plans, including Alliance, Cigna, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Very soon, we will also be accepting Meritus Health and Humana. Visit our full list of insurances here.

Although we accept most major health insurance plans, it is important that you understand what services are covered under your plan. You can call your insurance provider or login to your online account to find the terms of your plan. When you visit our office, we will do our best to help verify your deductible, copay, or co-insurance costs, and we will submit your claim directly to your insurance provider. Please visit our website for our office policies.

How much does it cost to go to a walk-in clinic without insurance?

The cost of a visit to a walk-in clinic can vary depending on the services you receive. Even though a visit to an urgent care center can be a lot of money, it is generally cheaper than visiting a hospital emergency room. The average visit to an urgent care center is $100, with the cost increase if you receive additional services, such as lab testing or x-rays, while a visit to an emergency room can cost $300 on average and increasing above $500 with additional services.

At Physicians Now Urgent Care in Rockville, MD, we believe all patients should have access to affordable healthcare. Therefore, we offer a discount to our uninsured, cash-pay patients. We do accept payment in cash, debit, and most credit cards except for American Express.

Is a walk-in clinic considered urgent care?

Urgent care centers are a type of walk-in clinic, but not all walk-in clinics are urgent care centers.

A walk-in clinic generally offers affordable healthcare to patients who are underinsured or uninsured for basic health concerns, like minor infections, sore throats, coughs, rashes, or upset stomachs.

Walk-in clinics are designed to offer first-come-first-served services, so they don’t offer appointments. They are also normally staffed by nurse practitioners who are licensed to administer prescriptions.

Urgent care centers, while offer walk-in services, do take appointments. They offer advanced services compared to basic walk-in clinics and are designed to take some of the burdens off hospital emergency rooms. Urgent care centers often have on-site lab services and x-rays and can treat more serious conditions, illnesses, and injuries than a walk-in clinic, including sprains, strains, broken bones, and deep lacerations, as well as more minor conditions like sore throats, coughs, and fevers. What they can’t treat, however, are emergency conditions like heart attacks, strokes, or uncontrollable bleeding. Conditions like these need to be treated at a hospital, so if you suspect a true emergency, call 911 immediately.

Are appointments offered at a walk-in clinic?

Generally, no, appointments are not offered at walk-in clinics. However, urgent care centers do normally offer appointments. If you require immediate care for an illness or injury but it’s not considered an emergency, you can reserve your spot in line at our Rockville, MD, clinic Physicians Now Urgent Care on our website. You can also walk in and receive medical care without an appointment.

We offer many different services at Physicians Now Urgent Care. We provide mid-level emergency care that includes:

• X-rays
• Lab services
• IV fluids
• Concussion screening
• On-site diagnostic services
• Occupational medicine for small and medium-sized businesses to evaluate and treat work-related injuries
• Pre-employment physicals
• Drug screenings

Along with these services, we also provide primary care alternative services to help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or high blood pressure when your primary care doctor is unavailable.

If you have any questions about our services or which health insurance plans we accept, you can call our office or visit our website for more information.